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Nathan Smith

Certified High Performance Coach™

You must first become willing, then you become capable.

Triad of Success (A.W.E.)

AWARENESS is fundamental to everything we do (or don't do) in life.  This is the spark that makes everything else possible.  I have a passion for making the invisible, visible and the unconscious, conscious.  

Through my practice of yoga and holistic healing I have discovered the infinite possibilities available to us when we come from a place of mindful awareness.  

WILLINGNESS is the aspect of being I have found to be essential to success.  After having coached 1000 + High Performance Sessions, I have learned that just because we want to do something it doesn't mean that we are willing to do it.  

Once we have established our awareness of our reality and our desired future outcomes we MUST come to a place of complete willingness and also understand our WHY. ‍‍‍‍‍‍

EXPRESSION is the final key.  Have you ever known what you wanted, why it was important, but weren't able to fully express yourself or your truth in the way the wanted to.  

Expression is all about embodying those essential habits, strategies, and the creative force of our lives.  When you learn to master your expression, you have mastered your life.  

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Nathan Smith is a Certified High Performance Coach who does Executive and Life Coaching for business people and entrepreneurs.

About Nathan

As a Certified High Performance Coach™ Nathan helps entrepreneurs and mid-level executives increase confidence, find balance, and experience more joy in life using a proven, world-class curriculum. Creating the life you want takes courage, determination, mental fortitude, and emotional strength. Along with a proven curriculum for success, he helps his clients with Emotional Literacy using my Core Four training.

Through his journey from working as a biochemist with a Global Pharmaceutical Company for 10 years to becoming Certified High Performance Coach, Yoga Teacher, and studying with some of the most brilliant minds in the personal development space Nathan has learned how to help people create deep levels of connection and presence to enrich all their relationships and live a life of passion, presence and participation.

Nathan has discovered that in order to create a life that is truly Extraordinary it requires living in congruence with what one truly wants and who one wants to become.  

Breakthrough's can happen in a moment AND transformation doesn't happen overnight. We are all on a journey of personal evolution and evolution takes time. The process CAN be sped up though and that's what Nathan does.  He is a catalyst for helping his clients to rapidly unlock their evolution in body, mind, emotion, and spirit (life enjoyment) towards their highest expressed potential.


Nathan has discovered that in order to create a life that is truly Extraordinary it requires finding congruence with what it is one truly wants, who one wants to become, and expressing passion with presence, gratitude through attitude, and integrity by committed action.

Passion. Purpose. Performance.

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Nathan Smith is a Certified High Performance Coach. He has delivered over 1000 High Performance Sessions to people from over 20 countries around the world ranging from 9-5ers, Entrepreneurs, to CEO's.  He combines a unique approach of proven High Performance strategies with his knowledge of Yoga, Mindfulness, and cutting edge healing work to help you achieve results FASTER.  

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Nathan Smith Certified High Performance Executive Life Coach

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