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The First Raving Fan...

I want to take a moment to say a Huge heartfelt THANK YOU to all‍‍ of my clients and tip my hat to you.  It is because of YOU that I am able to live my dream and feel fulfilled each and every day.  

I have so much honor and respect for each of you who raises your hand for a better life and takes ACTION to make it happen.  I am humbled by your trust and faith in me to help you achieve your dreams.  Thank You for BEING you.          - Nathan.

Initially, I reached out to Nathan to help me objectively evaluate how I was organized so that I could effectively achieve my goals. When we began coaching, I had no idea what a profound impact he would have on my life! His inquisitive and caring nature forced me to face myself and my limiting beliefs. He has been more than just a coach. He has been an inspirational influence in my life above and beyond the time we spent in the coaching process. He has helped me focus on doing the things that have catapulted success in all aspects of my career, family and personal goals. I would recommend him to anyone that wants to take their career and life to the next level!

Jelena Virijivic

Vice President Operations Q-Centrix

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‍‍‍I loved working with Nathan as my High Performance Coach! I was looking for growth personally and professionally. Working with Nathan was truly and unforgettable experience in which I learned to grow, push my limits, and go after my dreams now rather than wait for someday. I developed the courage to open my own Occupational Therapy business that is successful to this day. Nathan is patient and steadfast yet challenged me every week to try new things and push myself just enough to stretch my comfort zone and learn new skills. He taught me how to prioritize my goals and break them down into manageable daily practices I still use with success. Nathan will challenge you, encourage you, and show you the steps to take to achieve the results you want. The results of working with Nathan were not only noticeable to myself but friends, family members and colleagues noticed something was different about me. I was more driven, calmer, and focused on my dreams and goals. Making good choices in my work and personal life and sticking with them, I demonstra‍‍‍ted to myself and others I could achieve more, and my business, weight loss, and increased self-confidence speaks to that growth. It is with heartfelt gratitude I share this experience and encourage others to do the same.

Carol Young

Occupational Therapist

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Nathan Smith has been my high-performance coach for past two plus years. He has many incredible gifts that helped bring clarity and focus to this world-class coaching framework.His comfortable style and inquisitive, nature combined with his rigorous diligence in supporting me in on-purpose action towards my declared commitments have been a significant contribution to my clarity, productivity and overall expression and contribution in the world.I would highly recommend Nathan as a coach to anyone looking for a passionate, committed, champion for moving themselves to the next level of expression and performance in their life and career.

Steve Havill

Founder and CEO of Conscia Venture

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Nathan Smith is a brilliant coach, intuitive teacher and amazing person. My investment in high performance coaching with him has increased my confidence, productivity, energy, courage and joy in my business and life 100%! As a single-mom and young entrepreneur, I am deeply passionate about my work and life, and yet oftentimes struggle with my own overwhelm. Nathan holds space, listens compassionately, and offers simple yet powerful tools to help me breakthrough my deepest fears and obstacles. He pushes me out of my comfort zone every session with such genuineness and strength, which helps me land in my personal power, presence and growth. My business has expanded and has been the most successful yet in the last few months and I attribute so much of my achievement to my work with Nathan. He profoundly inspires me and others through sharing his presence, authenticity and passion with the world. I have stepped into and now embody my highest version of me; with greater courage, I show up fully every day with vulnerability, love, passion and energy for my work and life. Here's to continuous learning, expansion, growth and to living your best life! Take action now and choose to work with Nathan. It will be one of the best investments in your life (financially, emotionally and energetically)!

Annie Wagoner

Founder Core Nourishment

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I am forever grateful for your coaching and it was well worth the value. You made a significant difference in the trajectory of my life and were instrumental in guiding me on my own path. Your non-judgmental approach, positive attitude and resounding commitment to my goals were the most important aspects of our work together. You have the perfect temperament to gently nudge and persevere into the "whys" to bring clarity and commitment together to achieve life dreams. Individualizing every session was amazing and you were always there for me. I look forward to participating in the next level.

Lori Myers

Family Nurse Practitioner

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I've been working with Nathan for 2 years as a life coach and mentor for leading a High Performance life. Like few have done, he has and continues to find those areas of my life that hold me back from my goals and like knife-through-butter finds a way to help me realize what to do about it. He's buoyant, energetic, caring and systematic in his approach. He was instrumental in my making the decision to buy a business and grow it in just over a year. High Performance... SO well worth it.

Ian Kaner

Owner & Operator Budget Blinds

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Working with Nathan as a High Performance Coach has been such an amazing and empowering experience. The work has not always been easy, but he has compassionately and powerfully helped me to see where I have been getting in my own way He has helped me to find the confidence to step into my power. He has so many wonderful tools to add to your toolbox to help you be the best version of you each and every day. Thanks to Nathan's coaching and support, I am feeling excited and empowered to continue to move through my fears and into creating a fulfilled and meaningful life for myself.I highly recommend working with Nathan if there is a dream you aspire to and need that extra push to move toward it. Nathan will help you to find the courage to be your best self and to live your best life!

Stacey Sargent

Yoga Teacher

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